The Girl Who Sang That Horrific Hit ‘Friday’ Is Back With a Grown-Up New Single

Viral star Rebecca Black is also killing it on Instagram.


Rebecca Black, who infamously got down on “Friday” in 2010, has a tough act to follow.

Years after putting out the most virally hated music video of all time, she’s taken some vocal lessons and has explored topics beyond “partyin’ partyin’ yeah” and “fun fun fun fun” to stage her hotly-anticipated comeback.

It’s hard to shake your image of her as a 13 year old with a driver’s license and recording deal, but please give her a chance. Her new single, “Heart Full of Scars,” off her new album RE/BL is actually pretty good (or “dope,” as the kids say).

And its title might just be a reference to what years of online torment have done to the now 20-year-old. So we all owe Rebecca Black a second chance. 

She’s certainly showing those haters who’s boss on her decidedly grown-up Instagram.