Watch This Crazy Devil Set a Cliff-Jumping World Record

You’ll get vertigo just watching this. 

Laso Schaller has balls of steel. The Brazilian-Swiss canyoneer and extreme athlete set a world record last week after leaping 192 feet (58.8 meters) from the gorgeous Cascata del Salto waterfall in Maggia, Switzerland — and he did it while wearing a GoPro.

This is nothing like the high dive at your neighborhood swimming pool: the Daily Mailnotes that the Cascata del Salto is taller than the Leaning Tower of Pisa and that Schaller “likely entered the water at a speed of 74 mph and spent three and a half seconds free-falling.” Good God.

In case the GoPro video wasn’t enough, Red Bull posted some hypnotic GIFs of Schaller making the jump over and over again

There’s some debate as to whether Schaller actually set a record, since cliff-diving and the actual high jump aren’t comparable to longtime competitors. But if one thing’s for sure, it’s that Schaller’s got way more chutzpah than any of us.