Red Hook No Equal Blonde

Today’s drink is sports-inspired! Woot! Go beer!

Brewed in partnership with Seattle’s Emerald City Supporters, this delicious blondy is exactly what you’d want to drink during or before a fierce soccer game.

It’s the ECS No Equal Blonde Ale.  

We love the label and size of these brews, but even more we like the light, fluffy taste. Yes, we said light and fuffy. When you pour this stuff, you get a foamy, bubble bath-like head and a full body of beer.

It’s got a light amber color and a 5.2% ABV, making it party-friendly and longass game-watching friendly.

When we drink it, we feel like we’re in a cool Seattle hipster club… mostly because of the badass skull. When we sober up, we realize that we’re not in any clubs, but we’re still happy we drank some just the same.

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