Redskins Owner Dan Snyder’s New “Charity” is Worst Move Yet

Washington’s NFL franchise is about to get a whole lot stickier.

Dan Snyder – famous for being the worst (as well as also being the worst) – has taken the criticism of his refusal to change the obviously offensive Redskins name, metaphorically spit on it, and proceeded to throw it directly back in the face of those who already have his boots resting on their necks.

He’s done this with the announcement that he’s starting the “Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation,” a charity which will “provide meaningful and measurable resources” to Native American communities. You know, the ones that are vocally and righteously offended by the name. The move comes after Snyder and his cronies visited with tribes across the country to discuss the franchise’s name and whether or not it should be changed.

Said Snyder: “In speaking face-to-face with Native American leaders and community members, it’s plain to see they need action, not words.”

Especially not words that would make Snyder have to worry about rebranding or changing his ridiculous stance on something that is almost unanimously regarded as a mistake. Don’t worry, members of a race that has been handed the extremely short end of the Manifest Destiny stick for more than 200 years, Dan Snyder bought you some coats! And this foundation (which is totally not a PR tool for fighting to stay on the fundamentally wrong side of history) will support Native Americans for years. Unless that means not totally insulting them on a National stage – it totally won’t do that.

Way to govern, NFL. But hey, at least you aren’t FIFA

Photos by Larry French / Getty Images