Ref Throws Worst Jump Ball Ever in Knicks-Pacers Game 6

Especially if you hate surprises.

Especially if you hate surprises.

J.R. Smith’s bricked jumpers weren’t the only errant tosses in the New York Knicks’ Game 6 battle against the Indiana Pacers. Referee Ken Mauer also joined the party by heaving up one of the worst jump balls in the history of organized basketball.

It’s always a little weak to jump on officials. Usually, they’re doing the best they can in what amounts to a no-win situation. No matter what they call, somebody is always unhappy.

Note to whiny fans: Your team probably lost because it wasn’t any good—not because there’s some league-wide conspiracy to shortchange your favorite squad.

But this one’s fair game. I mean, how hard is it to execute a jump ball?

Really, there are only two steps in the process. First, the referee has to wait until both players are ready and in position. Looking at the video above, it’s pretty clear that Mauer blew that one.

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