Relive Robert Griffin III’s Injuries With These Brutal GIFs

Washington’s quarterback has an injury history as long as his dreds. 

Just when you thought this week couldn’t get any worse for Subway spokesmen, the Redskins’ quarterback and soggy sandwich pitchman Robert Griffin III went down with a concussion last night. It’s the fifth significant injury of Griffin’s three-year career and cements him, in the minds of many, as an injury prone klutz with a glass body.

That’s not  entirely fair. Several of his injuries can be attributed to poor coaching decisions, including last night’s, which happened in the second quarter of a pre-season game, when starters are usually in sweatpants. Still, perceptions stick regardless of reality. And in the interest of showing how this perception was born, we’ve created GIFs of Griffin’s  five major NFL injuries. We’ll make sure to update this post after he’s inevitable sixth injury.

Concussion—October 7, 2012

Griffin’s first injury as a pro came when Atlanta linebacker Sean Witherspoon nailed him in the head, causing a “mild” concussion. Griffin would leave the game but return the following week.

LCL Sprain—December 9, 2012

Nothing good happens when a 350-pound man dives into your knee at full speed. For Griffin, a sprain of the LCL happened.

ACL tear—January 6, 2013

Notice how Griffin isn’t even hit when his knee goes wobbly here. That happened because he returned from the previous injury too soon.

Dislocated ankle—September 14, 2014

If any of Griffin’s injuries supports the injury prone label, it’s this one. As you can see, he lands on his right leg after jumping and, instead of remaining in tact like most ankles would, Griffin’s pops out of place. He’d miss more than two months with the injury.

Concussion—August 20, 2015

The irony of this list is that the most serious injuries, those to the brain, are the ones that keep Griffin out the least time. No word on when he’ll return from the his latest brain injury, which he suffered when a fat man fell on his head, but you can bet it’ll be sooner than if he had hurt his precious legs. 

Photos by Matt Hazlett/Getty Images