Milla Jovovich Is Back With Guns Blazing in a New Trailer For ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’

Alice is ready to bring the hurt home to Raccoon City.

We knew, when Milla Jovovich was back for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter in 2015, that it truly could be the end of the film franchise. Or at least the end for Milla‘s character, the fearsome zombie-blasting Alice.

A thrilling new trailer for Final Chapter was released Friday, and it definitely indicates the Resident Evil saga is coming full circle. 

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The plot in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter follows on the heels of Resident Evil: Retribution. Alice has somehow survived an event that was meant to be the final human solution to destroying the undead. She returns to Raccoon City and the Umbrella Corp. The trailer brings back the evil master computer and Umbrella execs—who appear to have a plan to do away with the remaining living humans.

While it looks like there is at least one monstrous new wrinkle in The Final Chapter, we’re ready to watch Alice blow away the undead in droves again—no one else can look quite that good doing it. 

h/t Hypebeast