Ric Flair Is Beloved By Rappers, Stars in New Video Named After the WWE Legend

Everybody do the ‘Ric Flair Drip.’


Ric Flair has been the subject of a lot of rap lyrics over the years. Everyone from Kanye to Lil Pump has name dropped the legendary wrestler, who has been dressing like an ostentatious rapper since DJ Kool Herc was throwing house parties on Sedgwick Avenue. 


But never before has Flair been as much a part of a rap song as he is a part of “Ric Flair Drip” by Offset and Metro Boomin. Here’s a sampling of the song’s lyrics:

Going to the jeweler, bust the AP, yeah
Slide on the water like a jet-ski, yeah
I’m tryna fuck you and your bestie, yeah
Chopper with the scope so do not test me, yea
Ric Flair drip, go “woo” on a bitch
Fifty-seven ninety, split the coupe on my wrist
Multi-million dollar, I’m a fool with the hits
Hop up in the Lamb and drop the roof, show the tits

For Offset, Ric Flair is a hero, and if the video for the song is any indication, they’re pretty good friends too. 

Offset has honored Flair before with liberal use of the wrestler’s signature “Woo,” most notably in the the Migos hit “Bad and Boujee.” The Atlanta rapper also has a gaudy piece of jewelry depicting Flair. 

In ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary on Flair, Snoop Dogg explained the wrestler’s appeal to many rappers who watched him as kids. “As a kid growing up watching Ric Flair, he was very inspirational to myself and a lot of other hip-hop artists because he represented what we wanted to be,” Snoop said. “We wanted to be Ric Flair; we wanted to be flamboyant and the ‘kiss-stealin, wheelin-and-dealin,’ we wanted to be all of that. He was a part of our culture and our life. That’s why we love him and we cherish him. We’ve always held him high in the black community, because Ric is one of us.”

Killer Mike made the same point in his song “Ric Flair,” which sampled Flair promos to suggest that even though Flair is a 69-year-old white man, he has the spirit of a rapper.