Ric Flair and Other WWE Legends Just Destroyed Conor McGregor on Twitter

Things got a little crazy after the Irish UFC brawler called WWE wrestlers “pussies”.

Conor McGregor is best known as a fighter, but above all else, dude’s an incredible self promoter. No one in the UFC knows how to keep his name in the news quite like The Notorious. And with his rematch against Nate Diaz just a couple weeks away, Conor has put the self-promotion mode in over drive.

His latest gambit: Calling WWE wrestlers “pussies,” then apologizing to fans while also doubling down on his attack.

Conor has more than two million Twitter followers. He knew people were going to see this and he knew they were going to react. That was the whole point! 

But it’s hard to imagine ever he could have foreseen what happened next. A coordinated attack from all side of the WWE was launched, led by legendary man-in-boa Ric Flair

Boom. Roasted. 

It didn’t stop with The Nature Boy. Other WWE superstars, from today and long ago, weighed in to tell Conor to get bent. 

It worked. Conor’s jab at the WWE and his subsequent tweet got him that which he craves most in this world—attention.