Rich Peverley Collapses During Stars-Blue Jackets Game, Wants to Continue Playing

If you had any doubt that hockey players are superhuman.

In a scary moment, former Bruins forward Rich Peverley collapsed on the bench of the Stars-Blue Jackets game at the American Airlines Center last night. Peverley was sidelined earlier in the year after undergoing a procedure to correct an existing heart irregularity, and did not play last Tuesday because of symptoms resulting from an adjustment to his medication. The video below (which doesn’t have sound, so, no, your computer is not broken) shows the Stars players flailing their sticks at the ref in an attempt to stop the game, before just jumping on the ice to get his attention.

Peverley reportedly needed CPR and a defibrillator to recover, but his heart started to beat normally before he was taken to the hospital. Peverley is now in good condition. The players were understandably shaken and Stars coach Lindy Ruff had no desire to continue the game, which was postponed indefinitely.

As soon as Peverley came to, he asked how much time was left in the period and, in a demonstration of the most hockey player thing ever, if he could get back into the game. Rich, get better soon. Hockey, never change. 

Photos by Jerome Miron / USA Today Sports