Inside the Decadent Lifestyles of 'Rich Russian Kids'

No vodka or bear fights here.
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The economic crisis that's been unfolding in Russia over the last few years has affected everybody… except for the Rich Russian Kids (RRK).

The RRK Instagram account, created anonymously, chronicles the incredible lives of luxury of Russia's most wealthy teenagers. The account seems directly inspired by the infamous Rich Kids of Instagram account that lampooned the lavish lifestyles of Western teens. The creator of the account said that he's simply trying to mock social and economic injustice and in no way hates affluent Russian youth.

 So far, RRK’s creator have done a great job exposing over-the-top decadence of  the country's mini-oligarchs — kids who have everything from private jets and gigantic yachts to insane Rolexes, going clubbing with top celebrities and drinking high-priced champagne for breakfast. 

Here some of the most outrageous photos:

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