You'll Want to Punch Your Screen When You See How Much Money the 10 Highest-Paid DJs In The World Make

Must. Control. Anger.


Each year, Forbes puts out a list of the highest paid DJs in the world, and each year, that list makes many people around the world just a little salty, simply due to the sheer number of commas in their salaries. 

While these musical moneybags over here are getting paid by the tens of millions to press some buttons on a keyboard, the rest of us are thinking twice about paying extra to get guac on our burrito bowls.

Life, man. 

1. Calvin Harris, $48,500,000



Oh, my god. $48.5 million.

For the fifth consecutive year, Calvin Harris is the highest paid DJ in the world, locking in more money than roughly 80 brain surgeons combined. 

Sorry doctors, but maybe you should have invested in a DJ controller instead of medical school.

2. Tiesto, $39,000,000



48 years old, and still spinnin' hard. Kudos, my dude.

3. The Chainsmokers, $38,000,000

As one of the newcomers on this year's list, the Chainsmokers bumped Avicii off the top 10, and made room for themselves as third richest DJ royalty.

4. Skrillex, $30,000,000

If only all of us could get paid millions to make wub-wub noises.

5. Steve Aoki, $29,500,000

Side note: Steve Aoki has amazing hair. 

6. Diplo, $28,500,000



That's a lot of $$$. Well done, Diplo. 

7. David Guetta, $25,000,000



8. Marshmello, $21,000,000

I, too, would like to be an anonymous DJ who wears a marshmallow helmet and makes $21 million a year.

9. Martin Garrix, $19,500,000

Let me remind you that Martin Garrix just turned 21. And he's making $19.5 million a year. 

10. Zedd, $19,000,000



H/T: Forbes