Yes, Rick Ross Did Just Remix Adele’s ‘Hello’

Listen to him rap over the new single. 

The ever churning vat of treasures that is the internet is an amazing thing. Artists and performers, just like bloggers and music writers, sit in wait for the next thing that shows potential to be snapped up and futzed with. Everyone likes to put their own stamp on things, make their mark in some way — and Rick Ross is no different. Last week when Adele dropped her video for “Hello,” Ross listened to the track and thought he could Ross it up a bit, which is exactly what he did in this remix. Have a listen:

He let it be known via his Twitter that the remix was done with the best of intentions, which is like, duh. When someone as notorious as Ross sees your stuff fit to fuck with, that’s an honor. 

Photos by Getty Images/Taylor Hill