Riff Raff Is Being Sued for $68,000 in Unpaid Rent

Sounds like the rapper’s landlord won’t be giving him a referral any time soon. 

Riff Raff, the Houston rapper known for his expensive taste in grills, cars, and hairdos, is being sued by his landlord for $68,000 in unpaid rent, along with extensive damage to the property, although no details as to exactly what was damaged have been given just yet. 

According to TMZ, the house in question is made up like a mini-amusement park of sorts, complete with a 40 gallon fish tank, an original Vegas casino $.05 slot machine, a green pool table which converts into a ping pong table, and various other Riff Raff style decor.  Seeing as though celebs aren’t traditionally the ones in charge of cutting their own rent checks, it could be presumed that someone on his business end of things let a ball (or 68, 000 balls) drop.

Riff Raff doesn’t seem to be short on funds though, which makes this situation all the more curious. He recently made news for buying a $1.3 million home in Las Vegas which he dubbed the “Codeine Castle.” The new five bedroom home is said to have a Beetlejuice-like purple interior, a basketball court, and an oasis pool with a waterfall, slide, mini-beach, and a swim-up BBQ and bar.

Is it possible to be so rich that you completely forget you have one house while busy decorating another? Maybe in Riff Raff’s world. This morning he tweeted the following, so “shit” of some sort is going down. 

Photos by Getty Images/Mindy Small