Watch What Happens When Rihanna Hands the Mic to a Fan at a Concert

Her face says it all.
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#15 Rihanna - This Barbadian beauty’s vaguely S & M-themed video for “Umbrella...ella...ella” made us want to be her “fella...ella...ella” (sorry). Seriously, can someone get that song out of our heads?

Let's be real: You've probably imagined yourself being handed the mic by your favorite singer while in the front row at a concert. For one lucky fan at Rihanna's most recent show in Cincinnati, the dream became a reality.

And when huge pop stars randomly choose fans to sing on their songs, the result can be, well, cringe-worthy. This time, however, the audience member shocked even Rihanna herself — because he was just so damn good. During her performance of "FourFiveSeconds," Rihanna handed the mic to concertgoer Terah Jay who turned out to have the voice of an angel. 

Watch the video below to see Rihanna's reaction: 

Same, Rihanna. Same.