Rihanna Just Made High-Tech History with Her Trippy New Video

The arty “Sledgehammer” clip is the first video to ever debut in IMAX theaters.

Rihanna continues to wow the world as she becomes the first artist to have a video shot with IMAX cameras and debut in IMAX theaters. 

“Sledgehammer,” her latest track since the release of Anti, played alongside the new trailer for Star Trek Beyond and will be featured on the film’s soundtrack. In the video, self-labeled ‘Trekkie’ Rihanna is dolled up in intergalactic garb, tribal-esque face paint, and a wacky hair-do that you’d only see in outer space. 

Much like Adele’s “Hello” music video, “Sledgehammer” was shot using IMAX cameras. But RiRi’s utilizes a different newer camera called the Alex IMAX—the same one used to film the battle scene in “Captain America: Civil War”, reports CNET. 

Check out the trippy video above, and catch the song again when Star Trek Beyond blasts into theaters on July 22nd.