Rihanna Just Announced Her New Album’s Title and Cover Art

Still no release date, but some news is better than no news. 

Late Wednesday night a few sites started posting what appeared to be the album art for Rihanna’s highly anticipated new album, and this morning, the singer confirmed it herself. Officially titled Anti, the  new release has yet to be given a date for when it will drop (the anticipation!) but at least now we have this amazing artwork to chew on for a bit.


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Oct 7, 2015 at 10:53pm PDT

The cover was done by the artist Roy Nachum — and Rihanna says it’s her favorite album cover she’s ever done. Nachum and Chloe Mitchell, who worked on Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, have also written several poems that will be inscribed into the ANTI artwork in Braille to accompany seven oil paintings by Nachum. You can read the poems in full over at Pitchfork

A press release about the album details the story behind the artwork:

“In a recent exhibition at the MAMA Gallery, Rihanna and contemporary artist Roy Nachum have unveiled seven original oil paintings that will be used as the official artwork for her forthcoming eighth studio album titled ANTI.  Included in these seven paintings is the album cover, which depicts a young girl with a gold crown covering her eyes, and a black balloon strung tightly to her wrist, painted in multiple, intersecting views.  The back cover features an oil painting of the same young girl seen from behind.  Both paintings are cleverly inscribed with sculpted Braille poetry by Chloe Mitchel that spreads between the front and the back cover of the album.  Additional paintings featured as inside album artwork include poetry sculpted in Braille by Roy Nachum.  This is the first time an album has ever incorporated physical Braille.  The Braille inscription will also allow people who are blind to experience an entire album by touch.”

This is gonna be good … 

Photos by Christopher Polk / Getty Images