Rihanna In a See-Through Top Heats Up DJ Khaled’s New Video and The Internet Goes Crazy


Rihanna promo Dj Khaled video
Video Still

A big part of the love many have for DJ Khaled is his effortlessly cool and positive demeanor. Hell, we obviously love the guy too. He just seems like someone who won’t get bent about much. 

So we’re pretty sure he’s just fine with the fact that after he released the above video for his song “Wild Thoughts ft. Rihanna, Bryson Tiller,” some folks on the internet lost their minds over Rihanna‘s see-through gypsy top.

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Rihanna Dj Khaled
Video Still

Mainly because with hi-def video, it’s pretty easy to not just see the Barbadian singer’s perfect assets, down to the bar through her pierced nipple. 4K is awesome that way.

She’s a great singer and charismatic performer, yes, but Rihanna’s sex appeal is off the charts too, and Twitter clearly appreciated this.


That’s just a small selection. And really, who can blame them? 

“Wild Thoughts” is a cut off Grateful, which will be in full release as of June 23. 

You can download the song now. And watch the video as many times as you want.