Meet 4 Rising Stars Bringing Bravado To Art, Finance, Fashion and Tech

These successful standouts are heating up the luxury landscape.

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Bravado will always have its place in men’s luxury. Icons from James Dean to Billy Idol and fashion brands like John Varvartos and St. Laurent have built their fortunes around this image. The rising wave of stars in the luxury space from the millennial/Gen Z era is no exception. Here’s a look at the best in class in men’s bravado across art, finance, tech and fashion.

Alonzo Vega: Art 

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Emerging as a bad boy sensation within the arts is Peruvian painter Alonzo Vega. Rather than rely on traditional materials such as paints and brushes, Vega makes intricate and kaleidoscopic mosaics utilizing materials of war, including guns, bullets, empty shell cases, and even gas masks. 

A reflection of his daredevil lifestyle–one that is filled with regular trips to the shooting range and action sport stunts–Vega’s art carries a raw, bold, and riveting surge of adrenaline coupled with extraordinarily high artistic quality. Vega’s recently been profiled by Yahoo News and The London Daily Post and is on his way to blow up into an international star. 

Thomas Carter: Finance 

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One of the most captivating individuals of our time has to be financial markets maverick Thomas Carter. When not busy re-inventing how the general public transactions are made through his innovative financial advisory Deal Box and digital wallet address company Digital Names, Thomas is a seasoned wakeboarder and skateboarder. 

His first company–Thruster, which Thomas launched in 1988–in fact was an innovative wake boarding brand, which Thomas quickly expanded into the surf, snow, and skateboarding verticals, garnering him the cover of Success magazine. Thomas deft eye for performance, dedication to excellence, and flair for the irreverent have made him one of the most accomplished and esteemed iconoclasts the financial world has ever seen. 

Amel Elezovic: Tech 

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One of the world’s most precocious young entrepreneurs is Amel Elezovic. In the span of only months, Amel was able to flip being 18-year-old high school dropout into running a successful Youtube channel, Nonsense Diamond, that has clocked in a whopping 200,000 subscribers.

 Apart from emerging as a superstar on Youtube, Amel developed an equally successful gaming software company. Through his Youtube channel, Amel is leveraging growth of his software company and radically inspiring young people to follow their dreams instead of relying on traditional routes. 

Michael Louis: Fashion 

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One of the most charismatic new figures to land on the men’s fashion scene in recent years is designer Michael Louis. Michael’s jet set personal lifestyle parlays itself seamlessly into the expression of his luxury accessory store Ownership of personal expression is such a defining characteristic of Louis’ brand, that the company gives customers the ability to create their own detailed and sophisticated customizations on everything from phone cases, calligraphy, and color palettes. 

For Michael, the bolder the expression the better. On the sales side too, where boldness and revenue seem to correlate. According to Michael, his most audacious products–including Black Python Leather Phone Cases, Black Croc Leather Phone Cases and Card Holder–are always in demand and they want to not only be a brand that advocates the expression of bravado, but a cultural engine for it.