Rita Ora Has Crazy Sex

According to Rita Ora.

Rita Ora is extremely talented. She’s beautiful, good at singing, and, if appearances don’t lie, a fun, adventurous person. And apparently that sense of adventure doesn’t stop on stage. It also extends to the bedroom. As in sex. Rita Ora has great sex. 

In an interview with The Sun (a newspaper, not the star that gives us life), Ms. Ora explained her attitude about sex:

“If you get someone a little bit uncomfortable it’s never a bad thing. You have to trust your instincts, be at one with your body. Sex is a language everyone can speak and the mind is a dirty place, thank God. Why wouldn’t you use it to your advantage?”

So, not only does Rita Ora have great sex, it’s also a little dirty. And she pushes her sex partner (boyfriend Ricky Hilfiger) to some pretty extreme places. Asked if she makes him uncomfortable, Ora replied, “Yes, many times, I still do.” The takeaway: Rita Ora is good at sex according to Rita Ora, which is great. But would Rita Ora ever have sex with a woman (or has she already?):

“Madonna has been doing it for years and there is nothing wrong with it – you won’t go to jail unless you are doing a show in Uganda.”

This is an accurate statement. Good for Madonna. Good for Rita. Bad for Uganda.

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Photos by Anthony Harvey/ Getty Images