Watch the Hilarious Catastrophe Season 2 Trailer

The delightfully vulgar UK series about a surprise pregnancy was a surprise hit stateside — and Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan are coming back with more. 

The new trailer for Season 2 ofCatastropheis here, and the show is anything but a disaster.

For those just tuning in, the British sitcom is about a one-night stand that resulted in a very unexpected pregnancy. Comedian Rob Delaney stars as an ex-pat who is building an unconventional home with surprise baby mama Sharon Corgan. In Season 2, the bundle of joy has arrived and it looks like Rob and Sharon are in over their heads. And Rob is clearly in some kind of trouble: He appears to be on house arrest, but insists he wasn’t fired from his job: “I’m just not allowed to go to work right now.”

Catastrophe will be back on Channel 4 on October 27th…and hopefully back on Amazon shortly after.