Rob Gronkowski Is Having The Best Off-Season Ever

The Super Bowl champ is conducting a master-class in having a very good time in a very smart way.

It’s an indisputable fact that Rob Gronkowski is having the most fun of any professional athlete on the planet right now. Between chugging brewski’s at his victory parade, asking reporters out on dates, or just dancing his ass off at a basketball game, Gronkowski has taken the post-Championship off-season to a whole other level, and done it smarter than perhaps any tight end in NFL history. Athletes, take note: This is how it’s done.

How it’s not done? An arrest, a massive weight gaina newfound appreciation for life outside of sports. But for Gronkowski, who travels with a designated driver (actually, his very own party bus), the safe play is the party play—so far. Gronk is a man who likes to have fun, and it’s probably not going to have that much of an impact on his performance on the field (which, in case you need reminding, is stellar).

Here, watch this video of Gronk dancing:

Don’t you want to be this man?

The truth about Gronk is that he seems like a genuinely nice guy (and, it must be said, a spectacular Bro). He surrounds himself with other Bros, whose jobs appear to be looking out for his best interests, and not just trying to feed parasitically off his success. So what we’re basically looking at is the happiest, most set-up person on earth, who actually earned his living the hard way, and is living it up in a way one can only dream of. Props, Gronk.

Photos by Joe Robbins / Getty Images