Rob Riggle Wants You to Embrace the Pancake Selfie

Stack ’em up, stack ’em in. 

All Rob Riggle ever wanted to do was get his face lasered on a pancake. Now, the 45-year old actor, comedian, and former US Marine Corps Reserve Officer’s dreams have come true, as he’s doing just that. After being approached by VP of Holiday Inn Express, Riggle is now their “Breakfast Excellence Honcho,” essentially their main man responsible for intertwining comedic genius with breakfast perfection in order to entertain and satisfy customers and their morning needs. 

With a serious passion for pancakes, Rob hopes that his delectable concepts will turn a new page in the world of breakfast foods all over the globe. “I think my ideas speak for themselves! My latest and greatest: a machine that uses lasers to imprint YOUR face on a pancake. Pancake selfies! Your move, NASA. Then, what do I do with this machine… do I keep it in my private pancake-a-torium, where only I might savor its riches? Or do I give it to THE PEOPLE? Spoiler alert: it’s the second one, because I’m sending my machines on a nine-city tour of America! The Pancake Selfie Express, only from Holiday Inn Express! Now THAT’S breakfast excellence.”

In between pancake bites, Rob told Maxim about why he’s qualified for the job, pancake flavors, and the competition between Butterworth and Jemima. 

Was breakfast always a meal you found yourself craving at all hours of the day? 

I hope this doesn’t sound harsh, but if you’re not constantly craving breakfast every second of every day, you’re not a real American. Y’know what, let’s throw the Canadians in there too. Breakfast for dinner! Breakfast for lunch! Breakfast for breakfast… not a stretch, but I just love breakfast! And you’d better, too, or this interview is over.

What’s a dream idea of yours to really put pancakes on the map?

The great thing about being Creative Director at Holiday Inn Express is that I say it, someone else does it, and I get the credit. I told my people: I want pancake selfies! People love pancakes, people love themselves, put it together and gimmie it yesterday! They said that’s not how time works, but they loved the machine idea. And now, look at us…we’re about to embark on the Pancake Selfie Express tour of America where anyone can get their face lasered onto a pancake! Go to Holiday Inn Express for tour dates and locations. America: get out there and eat your own face!

If you were to be the spokesperson for another food (after pancakes, of course), what would you choose? 

What’s my favorite food besides pancakes? I guess it would be flapjacks, followed closely by hotcakes. After that, crepes…but thick crepes. Y’know, like pancake-thick. 

What would be your all-time favorite flavor?

I like boysenberry. I have no idea what it is. And it sounds like poison — which is terrifying — but you can’t hold a name against a flavor. If you did that, everyone would hate Crunchberries. Imagine eating the concept of “crunch”…sounds horrible, right? But dang it if they aren’t delicious. I assume. I’ve never enjoyed Crunchberries. So long story short, my answer is maple.

Who’s hotter: Mrs. Butterworth or Aunt Jemima? 

Mrs. Butterworth is an entire lady made of syrup. That’s tough to beat. But Aunt Jemima is rich as hell. I think she’s got an Olympic-sized swimming pool full of butter. I guess I’ll let the people decide! Tweet #TeamButterworth or #TeamJemima. I won’t read them, but I’m sure I’ll hear about it. 

So would you say you’re happy with your career path and the point you’re at now?

When the folks at Holiday Inn Express handed me a pancake with my very own face on it, I knew I had finally made it. Then, I grabbed a knife and fork, and tucked into my face. And I’m happy to report: I’m delicious.

Photos by Holiday Inn Express