Rob Zombie is Totally Down With Baby Metal

And don’t even try to get in his face about it.

Rob Zombie is one of metal’s renaissance men: performer, frontman, filmmaker, director, actor, you name it. Turns out he’s also a pretty righteous dude. Recently, reported, Zombie posted a photo on Facebook of himself “backstage” with all-girl Japanese metal band Baby Metal.

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The quirky band members were grateful, based on their comments on his status, but Zombie’s “fans” quickly began hammering him for the association. reported on some of the comments and Zombie’s awesome comebacks:

Because rock dudes typically only embrace other rock dudes, comments like “Are you kidding me Rob? Baby Metal is J-Pop, not Metal. But to each their own I guess…” and “They are awful. This is lame. I love you Rob, but shame on you” emerged.

We won’t speak to the grammatical quality of the posts, but we will tell you that Zombie responded to both with “these three girls had more energy than 90 percent of the bands we play with” and “They roll harder than you,” respectively.

Rob Zombie sounds like the kind of guy we want in our corner with an axe in hand any day — axe as in guitar, or the other kind of axe as well. As his work directing rebooted gory versions of Halloween revealed, he’s equally familiar with both.