Robert Pattinson Cozies Up to Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman in ‘The Batman’ Trailer

“I have a thing about strays.”

Robert Pattinson might have edged out Christian Bale as the most ripped Caped Crusader yet in the latest trailer for The Batman.

The latest look at the Matt Reeves-directed Batman movie is pretty intense, beginning with a car chase that show’s Bruce Wayne’s musclebound Batmobile spitting blue exhaust flame and showing a dead body at the center of a puzzle presumably contrived by the villainous Riddler.

But “the bat and the cat,” as Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman calls the protagonist pair, also get a hefty amount of screen time.

“You have a lot of cats,” Batman remarks as he enters Catwoman’s feline-filled abode shortly after a shirtless scene.

(YouTube/Warner Bros. Pictures)

“I have a thing about strays,” Kravitz’s character coyly responds in reference to the fact that Batman is an orphan, as the New York Post notes.

Elsewhere, a Riddler dub previously heard in an international trailer for The Batman promises to reveal Gotham City’s dark side.

“I’m just here to unmask the truth about this cesspool we call a city,” Paul Dano’s Riddler says before implicating the film’s hero. “You’re part of this, too.”

The Batman swoops into theaters on March 4.