The Robot Bartender of the Future Is Here

The only downside is it won’t listen to you cry over the one that got away.

A future of robot bartenders is upon us. And those uppity “mixologists” at your downtown rooftop bar couldn’t be more terrified.

BotBar 2.0 was recently unveiled at a four-day exhibition hosted by the University of Sydney—Fabricating Futures: Robots. Research. Design. While the first BotBar reportedly stole the show in 2014, its second incarnation made a splash like a perfect dash of vermouth in a fine gin martini.

Once an order is placed using an iPad, BotBar 2.0 can make up to 20 different cocktails, including such classics as Tequila Sunrise, Cranberry Kick, and London Lemonade. The robot can pour five drinks at a time and recipes are the same proportions each time—down to the millimeter. Sounds like enough to make even bartenders at The Standard feel pretty antiquated, doesn’t it?

While it’d be great if BotBars were brought stateside and implemented in packed nightclubs around the country, we hope they won’t spell danger for friendly barkeeps at favorite local dives. How can an emotionless and empathy-free machine listen to us mope over lost loves?

Below, check out what the BotBar 2.0 can do: