Rock And Rye Slow & Low

Get low!

Feeling under the weather?

Why not take care of that cold the old-fashioned way? 

…With Rock And Rye Slow & Low Straight Rye Whiskey!

Back in the day, physicians prescribed rye whiskey sweetened with rock candy and citrus to patients suffering from cold and flu symptoms, which is unfair to all of us stuck living in the boring “healthier” 21st century. While it may not be considered medicinal by modern-day standards, there is one ailment Hochstadter’s Slow & Low can definitely cure: Sobriety. Whether you’re at the bar with your friends or curled up in your sweaty sheets with tissues and a bowl of chicken noodle soup, this Philly-made honey- and orange-infused rye whiskey is perfect for sipping on a cold autumn day. Keep rockin’ and rollin’. 

Until next time…

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