Watch The Rock Absolutely Destroy Tyrese in This Savage Video Rant

He went IN.

Like in the lead-up to the showdown between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, we’ve all been waiting on pins and needles for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to respond to Tyrese Gibson blaming him for Fast & Furious 9 being delayed. 

And The Rock has unloaded… at least retroactively. Gibson posted an old video on Instagram of The Rock slamming his 2015 alum “Black Rose” as a “big piece of black dog shit.”

Below, his best digs:

Every one is like big piece of dog shit. It shouldn’t be called ‘Black Rose.’ It should be called ‘Big Piece of Black Dog Shit.’ That’s what it should be called.

Not even the hard dried up dog shit for seven days. It’s the soft dog shit. It’s like baby shit.

I’m never going to fucking forgive him for wasting my time. That is time I will never get back.

It’s like dog shit is in my ear, motherfucker.

Gibson captioned The Rock slam video, “Haters come in many forms…… In my Kanye voice #BlackRose is one of the greatest R&B Soul Albums of all time.”

Now, The Rock is clearly no fan of dog shit or Tyrese Gibson, although Instagram commenters point out the video was originally meant as a joke.

In any case, their recent beef began when Gibson slammed The Rock in a lengthy Instagram post, fingering him for the delayed production on Fast & Furious 9

He didn’t disclose details but said his ego and the influence of Johnson’s Seven Bucks Productions team were to blame. What’s more, Gibson managed to throw in a diss about The Rock’s widely-derided Baywatch movie.

Gibson was recently recorded by TMZ slamming The Rock’s planned Fast & Furious spinoff, claiming its release date interfered with that of Fast 9. He called The Rock’s interference with the franchise “selfish” and “fucked up.”

We’re still waiting for Dwayne to respond directly to this

Grab your popcorn.