Scantily Clad Houston Rockets Fans Attempt PG-13 Free Throw Distraction

It didn’t work.

Things are not going well in Houston this year. Despite the NBA’s best shooting guard, a top 10 center and some next-level geniuses in the front office, the Rockets are sitting at 30-31, barely hanging on to the West’s final playoff spot. 

Now the team’s getting desperate. In what appears to be a part of a Dr. Seuss birthday celebration, two women straight out of a Brazzers Cat in the Hat parody tried to distract free throw shooting Pelicans in Tuesday’s game

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It didn’t work, but they kept trying. Later in the game the same women appeared under the Pelicans basket in trench coats and flashed Ryan Anderson as he sank two free throws. 

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Again, if the goal was to induce missed free throws, it didn’t work. But if the goal was to distract people from the Rockets going the way of the Challenger? Success!