Rockstar Playlist: The Crystal Method

Scott Kirkland and Ken Jordan reveal their top tracks, favorite Maxim model, and inspiration for their new album, TCM.

Scott Kirkland’s Top 5

1. New Order – “Love Vigilantes”

2. Depeche Mode – “Here Is The House”

“The perfect song for a shy teenager.”

3. Referendrum –  “Fluke”

4. Bill Withers – “Who Is He (And What Is He to You)”

“The line, ‘You’re too much for one man but not enough for two.'”

5. Arcade Fire – TheSuburbs (album)

“I love the entire album.”

Ken Jordan’s Top 5

1. Massive Attack – “Protection w/Tracey Thorn”

I love her vocals. I knew her from a band called Everything But The Girl when I was in College Radio.”

2. Christina Aguilera – “Beautiful”

I really, really love that recording.”

3. Portishead – Dummy (album)

4. U2 – “One”

The guitar tone that the Edge gets in this track is one of the sweetest sounds 


 ever heard.”

5. Earth Wind & Fire – “That’s The Way of The World”

“This song gives me a true physical flashback of being in 


 grade in Las Vegas. It is the most realistic sense of time travel 


 ever experienced.”

Your fifth and latest album TCM drops in January 14th, what makes this album different from your 2009 Grammy nominated album Divided by Night?

We really wanted to make an effort to get back to our basics, closer to the way we made our first album “Vegas”. We have less collaborations on this album than on “Divided By Night”, we really think we got a sound that is very current but at the same time maintains that identifiable Crystal Method sound. We feel like this is the best work we have ever done!

You’ve been together for almost 20 years, how has your music evolved?

We have seen so many changes in electronic music and dance music, we have been making new music this whole time and we also DJ a lot at gigs, and of course there is our radio show every week so we have witnessed and participated through a lot of changes. We feel the new album reflects a lot of changes in our style while still retaining what we have always done. 

On TCM you collaborated with a ton of amazing and different artists, what was that like?

It has been a dream come true working with so many amazing artists, it is always best to work with people who you get along and work well with but also respect and admire. Sometimes it’s the most unexpected choices that work out the best, e.g. working with Dia Frampton and LeAnn Rimes on the new album were two of the best collaborations we have ever had, and when you think about different collaborators for us, they are not the first people that would come to mind. With us, some of the best collaborations we have had are with people farthest away from our style. 

What inspired you for this new album?

Our inspiration was knowing that this album would commemorate 20 years since we released our first single. We wanted to showcase everything we have learnt in the last 20 years and at the same time, look towards the future. 

Who do you consider as your biggest influences?


Rick Rubin, New Order, Led Zeppelin.           


Martin Gore, Peter Hook, Flood, and everybody who has embraced dirty over clean (distortion)!

What do you think about the shift in the dance music scene in relation to when TCM started?

What used to be just a small blip on the music scene is now a global phenomenon, it’s very exciting to see that. 

What do you think about the commercialization of


We don’t have a problem with people making music and having that music being heard by a wider audience! It’s great! 

What is your creative process in the studio?

Find something that initially inspires and excites us first, it could be anything – a noise, a sound, a riff, a melody, and beating the hell out of it till it’s something that makes us happy!

How has technology impacted TCM?

For a while it was impacting us in a negative way as we got distracted by shiny new things! Although there have been many great advances in software since, there is nothing quite like an unruly, temperamental classic analogue synthesizer.

You guys performed at recently at Maxim’s Mischief Night event in New Orleans, how did it go?

It went really well, we had a great time and were blown away by the Xbox One and

Dead Rising 3


Who is your favorite Maxim cover model?

Megan Fox