Rockstar Playlist: Flaming Lips

The bizarro indie heroes’ frontman, Wayne Coyne, has what it takes to make the night weird.

The bizarro indie heroes’ frontman, Wayne Coyne, has what it takes to make the night weird.

Photo: J. Michelle Martin Coyne / Warner Bros. Records

Psychedelic Party Playlist

1. The Beatles, “Tomorrow Never Knows”

This is one of those songs where when you hear it at mega volume, everyone is jumping around. It’s like, “Fuck yeah, I need to play that!” Even though it’s psychedelic, it seems to be about drugs and death and all kinds of good shit.

2. Sleep, “DopeSmoker”

This just goes on and on, and it’s relentless and heavy and disturbing and great. And even better, it’s called “DopeSmoker!” [Editor’s note: This “song” is also an hour long. Well played, Wayne.]

3. Beastie Boys, “Gratitude”

People sometimes think of the Beasties as just rappers, but they could also play some really funky jams. This is a song that if I heard it at someone’s house, I’d be like, “Shut up and let the music do the talking!”

4. Chemical Bros., “Pioneer Skies”

People forget how much the Chemical Bros. influenced how everything sounds now. It’s not just about the beats—it’s the about the atmosphere. They aren’t even really club songs. They’re just cool songs you can play loud at a party.

5. Stooges, “1969”

Everyone thinks of the Stooges as being really in-your-face punk rock, but they could be kind of funky too. We always thought of the Stooges as being one version of our big brother and Pink Floyd being another version. Like, we wanna be like them!

6. Sleigh Bells, “Crown on the Ground”

It’s hard to pick just one Sleigh Bells song. It’s almost seems like your speakers are fucked up; it’s really heavy, aggressive dude music without it being all testosterone and shit.

7. Lykke Li, “Get Some”

This might be a strange song to play at a party, because she sings “I’m a prostitute, you’re gonna get some,” but she sort of mumbles like a teenager on morphine, and there’s something sexy and fucked up about that. It’s really cool shit.

8. StereoLab, “Three-Dee Melodie”

This is hypnotic, cool, and restrained, but there’s something about their voices that perpetually lifts up your energy. I could play that right now and be like, “Fuck, I feel good. I feel refreshed!”

9. Rolling Stones, “Gimme Shelter”

The Stones do this thing that no one else can do, where they’re sloppy and fucked up but powerful at the same time. They have this woman screaming about rape and murder and all these cool things. It’s such a great track.

10. Kendrick Lamar, “The Spiteful Chant”

Every time I hear one of his tracks, I’m just like, “Yeah!” His shit is just so funny. The world needs more of that for sure.

The Terror is out now.

DRINK WHILE LISTENING: Absinthe is the stuff to get your mind scrambled.

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