Rockstar Playlist: Jake Bugg

England’s reigning troubadour prince picks his ultimate tour-bus jams.

Photographed by Kevin Westenberg

The super-model-dating, guitar-strumming, aggravatingly precocious singer-songwriter shares the tunes he spins while traveling the world.

Anything by Miles Davis – “So What”

“He’s the king of invention and a true muthafucka in the best possible way.”

Aaron Neville – “Hercules”

“We play this whenever we can. Everything about Aaron’s voice is full of belief and soul.”

The Everly Brothers – “All I Have To Do Is Dream”

“I listen to the Everly Brothers all the time, sometimes I record myself singing the main part so I can try singing the counter melody over it. Only when I’m alone!”

Judas Priest – “Victim of Changes”

“My bass player, Robbo, loves metal, something had to rub off!”

Bill Withers – “Use Me”

“Same as Aaron Neville. Totally believable, timeless soul music.”

Jimi Hendrix – “Machine Gun”

“We play this at sound check. Hendrix is the master, it drives our sound guy, Nick, crazy as we always do the 11 minute version!”

Aphrodite’s Child – “The Four Horseman”

“There’s a hippy in all of us somewhere!”

James Brown – “The Boss”

“If I ever danced, I’d dance to JB!”

Ray Charles – “Leave My Woman Alone”

“Ray Charles- un-fuckin-believable!”

John Martyn – “Storm Bringer”

“He’s a major inspiration, musical maverick, feel genius.”

Jake Bugg’s second album, Shangri La, is out November 19th.

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