Rockstar Playlist: Paramore

Tennessee hottie Hayley Williams offers up the feel good tunes she turns to for the ultimate BBQ bonanza.

Tennessee hottie Hayley Williams offers up the feel good tunes she turns to for the ultimate BBQ bonanza.

Photo: Fueled By Ramen

Playlist: Southern Summer BBQ Bash

1. Shiny Toy Guns, “Fading Listening”

My friend Carah sings in this band, and the first time she showed me this song she described it as the “quintessential BBQ song.” I’d probably kick the whole shebang off with this one because it truly is the perfect song for a cookout.

2. The Clash, “Rock the Casbah”

A perfect track No. 2 for our playlist. This song always makes me dance. FYI, my moves to this one are the opposite of sexy.

3. The Angels, “Wow Wow Wee (He’s the Boy for Me)”

Why do I feel like girl groups in the ’60s and barbecues and pool parties go together? I have this fantasy of cooking out, wearing a baby blue shift dress with cat-eye glasses and my hair in a beehive. I’m serving up all kinds of hamburgers to my friends…This doesn’t happen in real life, but just let me dream.

4. What’s Eating Gilbert, “Sit and Stare”

This happens to be my guy’s new band. The music is very much influenced by early rock and roll of the 1950s and some from the ’60s. Just another something to aid my vintage illusions of domestication and beehive hairdos and picket fences. Oh, and I sang on this one!

5. M83, “Claudia Lewis”

A-a-a-nd we’re back on the dance floor… M83 had one of my favorite albums of 2012, and I was blowing out all the speakers to this song.

6. Digital Underground, “The Humpty Dance”

Who would deny that this song is the epitome of party? If we’re gonna dance, we’re gonna do the humpty dance, OK?

7. Blondie, “Rapture”

Blondie is one of my favorite bands. Enough said.

8. Home Brew “High Times”

Truly underground hip-hop. So underground that they come from New Zealand, which is pretty far down there. It’s always nice to throw in some music that not everyone will know but that everyone will most definitely love. This particular song happens to be about having a barbecue. How fitting!

9. Outkast, “Ms. Jackson”

It’s a little weird to me that one of my earlier musical memories is relaxing so hard to this song after school. There isn’t one person I know who doesn’t love this song, or any Outkast song, come to think of it. Why won’t they just reunite already?

10. Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, “The Dap Dip”

More of those vintage sounds that I love so much. This kind of music fits any setting. Turn it up loud or keep it down; it sounds too cool either way. For bonus points, get it on vinyl.

11. Kiss, “Rock ’n Roll All Nite”

At the end of the night, you may as well get the cops called on you to break up your little gathering. It was between an Andrew W.K. song or this one. Because Kiss has been around longer, they have seniority, and therefore they win.

12. The Angels, “Thank You and Goodnight”

This one is just for me. Or you. As we’re cleaning up all the plastic cups and paper plates scattered all across the yard, this song will sing us out.

DRINK WHILE LISTENING: Ice-cold beer, from America, drunk out of cans.

Paramore is out now.

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