Rockstar Playlist: Skrillex

Having conquered the world of EDM, the über-DJ takes on your eardrums with these nocturnal bangers.

Having conquered the world of EDM, the über-DJ takes on your eardrums with these nocturnal bangers.

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Playlist: Late-Night Dance Party

1. A$AP Rocky, “Wild for the Night”

I actually did this track with him. He’s really fucking awesome, really driven, and has a passion and a vision. And he works hard as fuck.

2. The M Machine feat. Penny, “Ghost in the Machine”

Years ago I was playing in San Francisco and met these dudes, who brought me back to this warehouse where they lived. It’s electronic music, but they play it all live: dark, late-night techno pop.

3. Baauer, “Slip”

He’s one of the innovators of the whole trap-music scene out of Atlanta, and he’s killing it. Just a little white dude who’s doing tracks for everyone now.

4. Jack Beats, “Just a Beat”

They’re all scratch champions who’ve been on the scene in the U.K. for years, and they’re finally touring over here in the States.

5. Trolley Snatcha, “Make My Whole World”

This is a perfect example of a hip-hop intro, then dub step in the drop, then back to hip-hop. It’s pretty.

6. Birdy Nam Nam, “Defiant Order” (Breakbot Remix)

Now that the electronic platform is expanding, guys like this—five of the best record scratching DJs in Europe—are starting to hit the American circuit.

7. Gents & Jawns, “TurnUp”

Gents & Jawns is like super-underground, but they’re just starting to hit it on the blogs and getting on people’s radar. It’s awesome.

8. Kendrick Lamar, “Money Trees”

What Kendrick does better than anyone is he takes you into his world. He’s not just spitting over a track—he’s like a chameleon, and every song is its own world. He blows me away.

9. Rihanna, “Pour It Up” prod. Mike Will

I love this song. If there’s any song I want to hear right now, it’s this one.

10. Disclosure, “Latch”

These guys are brothers who are blowing up in the U.K. right now but haven’t made it over to the States. It’s like a throwback to ’90s house, but with modern technology.

11. Skrillex, “Leaving”

This has never been released, but it’s softer than what most people know me for, more cerebral. There’s no bass, and you can kind of get lost in the atmosphere of it.

DRINK WHILE LISTENING: Water. The more, the better.

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