Rockstar Playlist: Sleigh Bells

Derek Miller of the pummeling New York–based noise-pop duo has the tunes to get the night started right.
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Derek Miller of the pummeling New York–based noise-pop duo has the tunes to get the night started right.

Photo: Patrick Odell / Press Here Publicity

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PLAYLIST: Pre-Party Pump-Up Mix

1. Cathy Dennis, “Touch Me (All Night Long)”

Cathy has written some of my favorite songs, including this one. “Too Many Walls” is definitely up there, as well. Slick, crisp, quality.

2. Public Enemy, “Harder Than You Think”

I was watching End of Watch on a plane recently, which features this song. I think this came out in 2007, even still...amazing how pissed and badass Chuck D still sounds. The man never left the damn good. Production is tough, great sample.

3. Blood Diamonds, “Barcode” featuring Dominic Lord

This guy’s chord progressions kill me, melody all over the place with some really heavy snare sounds halfway through.

4. Lula Collins, “Help Me”

What a groove. Unstoppable!

5. Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, “Walk Like a Man”

Contender for best opening drum fill in a song. If you don’t walk around like you own the place when you hear don’t own the place!

6. Mad Cobra, “Flex”

Summer with trees, sand, sunshine, and all that shit. Drinks with little umbrellas in them. What else...bikinis, Lamborghinis etc. Classic song.

7. Foxy Brown, “Foxy’s Bells"

NOT because it has “Bells” in the title.

8. INXS, “Not Enough Time”

Definitely my favorite INXS track. It has a great video as well, with a bunch of underwater imagery and other ’90s stuff. This one takes its time. Confident.

9. Sister Nancy, “Bam Bam”

An ex-girlfriend of mine put this on a mix for me...We are still friends, so I can still play it incessantly without any weirdness.

10. Pantera, “By Demons Be Driven”

Summer usually means day drinking, which equals aggressive behavior for some people. If that’s you, here is my favorite track from Vulgar Display of Power. Relax!

DRINK WHILE LISTENING: Tequila! Better yet, a jalepeño margarita.

Reign of Terror is out now.

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