Rockstar Playlist: Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend’s Modern Vampires of the City is out today. Check out bassist Chris Baio’s playlist of post-wild night sad-ass music.

Vampire Weekend’s Modern Vampires of the City is out today. Check out bassist Chris Baio’s playlist of post-wild night sad-ass music. 

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Ultimate Melancholy Late-Night Jams

1. The Hollies, “Clown”

Beautiful song about how a performer sometimes needs to hide his or her inner drama. The main character of this track is a depressed clown who has to put on a smile for a crowd. Edan sampled this on his Beauty and the Beat record.

2. The-Dream, “Sorry”

A bonus track from the last The-Dream record. It’s mostly a cappella with a little bit of percussion. It’s about the end of a relationship. The lyrics are pretty heavy on the self-loathing and contain the great refrain, “If you’re in love, don’t you dare sing along with me.”

3. Cat Power, “Cherokee” (Nicolas Jaar Remix)

When I was in Los Angeles last summer working on VW’s record, I’d listen to this track while driving home from the studio. When the bass comes in on the chorus it’s really heavy. Perfect for a lonely late night drive.

4. Bert Jansch, “Needle of Death”

Sometimes I forget how much I love the sound of finger-picked guitar. There’s something very soothing about Jansch’s voice, even when it’s a delivery system for dark and depressing lyrics.

5. Junior Boys, “When No One Cares”

Frank Sinatra was my grandfather’s favorite singer by a mile. When I was a Michael Jackson–obsessed kid, he once told me that Sinatra was a 10 to MJ’s seven. I first heard this icy Sinatra cover in 2006, when I was away from friends and family and living in Russia. It definitely captures a lonely vibe. If my grandfather were around today, I think he’d appreciate it.

Modern Vampires is out May 7.

DRINK WHILE LISTENING: A bottle of single malt scotch, preferably Laphroaig.

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