Watch Out World, Ronda Rousey Is Throwing Punches Again

Three months after her first loss, Ronda’s getting Rowdy again.


All of those who thought Ronda Rousey’s second round knockout at the feet of Holly Holm was going to end her fighting career, take note: The former UFC bantamweight champ is training again and she wants the world to know it. 

Earlier this week, TMZ snapped a few shots of Rousey working out with her trainer Edmond Tarverdyan in a Los Angeles gym. It was the first time she’s been seen throwing punches since her loss to Holm last November. After that fight, Rousey said it would be three to six months before she was even able to eat an apple—suggesting it might be even longer until she was able to fight again. Well, we don’t know if she’s munching on Braeburns just yet, but we do know she’s letting her fists fly.

And as TMZ’s pundits note, she wasn’t trying to hide it. That’s a good point. There’s only one reason for Rousey to conduct her first training session in three months in front of a giant window—she wanted there to be pictures. 

Maybe it’s reading too much into this, but it hardly seems like a leap to suggest that Rousey is sending a message to Holm and her opponent at UFC 196, Miesha Tate. UFC honcho Dana White recently said Rousey’s next fight will be against one of those two woman. Whichever one emerges from UFC 196 will hold the UFC bantamweight title and they’ll defend it next November against Rousey.

In her last fight, Rousey was caught unprepared for Holm. She seems determined to not let that happen again. The road to redemption begins now.