Ronda Rousey Shows Us Just How Easily She Could Whup a Guy’s Ass

You wouldn’t stand a chance.

Try to catch a pass from Aaron Rodgers or hit a Clayton Kershaw curve ball and you’re likely to experience some serious embarrassment. But other than your ego, you’re not getting hurt. Jump in the ring with Ronda Rousey, though, and you’re going to feel the pain both psychologically and physically.

This is not conjecture. Thanks to her appearance on Ellen yesterday, we now have proof that Rousey would destroy the common man. Not that it’s much of a surprise. 

In this case, the common man is a producer on Ellen’s show, and as you can see in this video, he has as much chance of holding his own with Rousey as Ellen does. You would fare similarly.

Not that rolling around on the floor with Ronda would be all bad though. After all, you’d be rolling with Ronda