Ronda Rousey On Why Punching People in the Face Benefits Society

Rowdy reveals why violence is good for us all.

Forget peace, what the world really needs is more violence. So says Ronda Rousey in a new clip for the upcoming documentary The Hurt Business. Rousey believes that violence, in the form of MMA, would actually have a healing effect on society at large

And you thought Rousey was just a fighter, Entourage movie actress and sometime model. Not so! She’s a deep thinker trying to solves society’s ills, one rear naked chokehold at a time.

In other Rousey news, the former women’s bantamweight champ is apparently “doing great.” This comes from her boyfriend Travis Browne, who was asked about his better half in a recent interview with ESPN.

That might sound like a pointless quote, the kind of thing that any man would say about his girlfriend. But Browne’s words are actually noteworthy.

After Rousey’s loss to Holly Holm last November, she was anything but great, physically or mentally. Her jaw was so damaged she couldn’t eat apples and, as he told Ellen, she even considered suicide. She also had knee surgery in recent months. 

If she’s “doing great,” that’s great news for her and for fans of the UFC.