Watch Ronda Rousey Take On Floyd Mayweather In Street Fighter IV

These dream matches go exactly as we thought they would. 

Who would win in a fight between Ronda Rousey and Floyd Mayweather? Our money’s (obviously) on Ronda, but with Mayweather set to retire that’ll never actually happen.

So one crafty YouTuber, Richie Branson, took it upon himself to mod the PC version of Street Fighter IV so we could finally see what a brawl between the two fighters could look like.

Branson modded combatants Balrog and Cammy to look like their resemble the real-life fighters and let the games begin. Ronda takes Mayweather for a ride in an AI-controlled match to keep it fair, though we all know that’s just how it would go.

You’ll be able to play with these character skins for yourself soon enough when Richie Branson makes them available over the weekend for your own matches. Protip: Pit Ronda against C. Viper to see who’d take home the gold.