Ronda Rousey Hits Floyd Mayweather Where It Hurts — Again

That’d be his ego. 

The ongoing public feud between the world’s baddest man and the world’s baddest woman inched ever closer to combustion recently when Ronda Rousey snarked on Floyd Mayweather for the paltry pay-per-view numbers his last fight pulled.

“I’m not surprised. A lot of people were pissed after that Pacquiao fight. Fans aren’t dumb,” Rousey told TMZ when she learned that only 500,000 people paid to watch the final fight of Mayweather’s career, a 12-round unanimous decision over Andre Berto. Half a million PPV viewers for a Mayweather fight is like 2,000 people showing up to a Cowboys game. Mayweather has regularly topped a million viewers in his fighting career, topping out at 4.4 million for the Pacquiao fight in May. For comparison, Rousey’s last fight pulled 900,000 PPV buys.

It’s hard to blame fans for keeping their money for the Mayweather/Berto fight. Not only was the final result a forgone conclusion, but so was the path there. It would be a defensive slog, with zero chance of a knockout. Compare that to Rousey’s fights, which are over quicker than most fans would like, but provide the kind of electricity people want when they plunk down $60 to sit at home and watch TV.

Rousey and Mayweather have been going back and forth for months in the most entertaining sports beef going right now. Mayweather pretended to not know who Rousey was and she called him out on national TV. Mayweather gloated about making more money than Rousey and she fired back that she makes more money per second. Now that Mayweather’s fighting career is over (so he says, at least), maybe this feud can finally die as Rousey ascends to her throne as the world’s top fighter. But don’t count on it.