Ronda Rousey Is Still Bummed About Getting Her Clock Cleaned by Holly Holm

But she’s determined to comeback and win.

Ronda Rousey made an appearance on this year’s Time 100 list, and in a video filmed for the magazine, the former UFC women’s bantamweight champ is clearly still feeling pain over her loss to Holly Holm.

“I’m still grieving the person that could have won it all. But I have to live up to the fact that I’m not her, that’s just who I’d like to be,” she says while pushing back tears.

Five months removed from her first loss as a MMA fighter, Rousey’s emotional wounds are still raw. She says she wants to be remembered “as one of the greatest fighters that ever lived,” but questions whether people will. 

And she’s right to question it — today, at least. But Rousey’s career isn’t over. Her legacy isn’t written. She can still be one of the greatest fighters ever. She can still win it all. One loss does not ruin a fighter. And despite her grief, despite her disappointment, she seems to know this. 

She just has to get back in the cage and erase the bad memories, which is exactly what she plan to do. “I’m coming back to win this title for the people that believed in me,” she says.  

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