Ronda Rousey on How to Win a Bar Fight, Stay In Shape and Get a Raise

The UFC knockout schools us on everything from kicking barroom butt to how to keep a woman happy.

Ronda Rousey recently revealed two very different, though perhaps equally buzzy scoops to Maxim: she’s against using lube in the bedroom and she’s backing Bernie Sanders for president. Now, the outspoken UFC champion is dishing out more advice in the latest installment of “Help Me Ronda.” 

Rousey, who defends her bantamweight belt against Holly Holm at UFC 193 on Saturday, drops knowledge on everything from the perfect workout to the ethics of bird hunting. So grab some wings and cider beer, and prepare to tap out from the power of her bare-knuckled wisdom.

Dear Ronda: What’s the best way to win a bar fight?

James, 27, Woodstock, N.Y.

Try and get the person to throw the first punch, but be ready to counter. Lure them into something, because most people don’t know how to punch at all, so they’ll fall off balance. You usually hit harder on a counter anyway. And then you can always say in court, “Oh, he hit me first, I was protecting myself.” If it’s one on one in an open area, I’d say take them down. But you’re probably going to end up on the ground anyway in most street fights because nobody has balance and end up crashing into each other and falling over.

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Dear Ronda: I hate going to the gym. You obviously don’t. Is there a quick hack for a regular guy like me to stay in shape?

Oliver, 34, Charlotte, N.C.

You should enjoy what you’re doing. I hate weightlifting and I hate running on treadmills. I’m bored by it. You have to find something that actually interests you so you’re excited to go train. For me, that’s fighting. When I started boxing is when I saw the most changes in my body, so I’d recommend boxing or something that requires cognitive effort, instead of just lifting weights or running.

Dear Ronda: Do you ever want to really hurt your opponents beyond what it takes to win? How do you envision that you’ll beat Holly Holm?

Guillermo, 32, Kansas City, Mo.

It depends on who I’m fighting, I guess. I’ve fought a lot of girls who I like and respect. I’d like it if Holly made it out of there unscathed, but still loses. I wanna win, but I don’t want her to get hurt. But if she does have to get hurt? I’m not gonna feel bad about it at all. In my last fight [against Bethe Correia] I specifically wanted to knock the chick out. The fact that she was able to walk out of the arena after she woke up, I wasn’t mad that she wasn’t scarred or something. I really don’t get joy out of hurting people. That’s not what it’s about.

Dear Ronda: Perhaps you can settle a long-running dispute I’ve had with my dumbass  friends. Who would win in a fight, Bruce Lee or Muhammad Ali?

Frank, 26, New Orleans, La.

Muhammad Ali would win, because Bruce Lee was an actor and not actually an athlete. Plus Muhammad Ali was way bigger than Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee was tiny, and Muhammad Ali was a heavyweight! Even if they were the same size, I’d still go for Muhammad Ali, because he actually had competition experience where Bruce Lee did not.

Dear Ronda: I got into a big argument  with my wife two weeks ago and I’ve been sleeping on the couch ever since. How do I get back into her good graces?

Ron, 37, Hoboken, NJ.

It depends on what he argument was about, on what you did. There’s certain things that you really can’t come back from. I would just say be as sweet and considerate and attentive as possible. If you guys are married and love each other, she’s eventually just going to give in and love you again.

 Dear Ronda: I’m sick of being  broke. How do I ask for a raise?

Blake, 33,  Milwaukee, WI.

I’ve never asked for a raise, to be honest. I do such a good job and I make it so obvious that I’m indispensable that unless my bosses are jerks, they’ll give me a raise. They give me more money because they feel I deserve it, but then again my bosses are awesome and my job is very cool and I know that not everybody has that. I hate bargaining, I hate anything like that. I’d be very bad at asking for a raise. Just be so awesome at your job that your boss will feel like a jerk if they don’t compensate you the way you deserve.

Dear Ronda: I’m stressed out. What is the best way to totally relax?

Greg, 27, Baltimore, Md.

After my fights, I get a huge plate of hot wings and drink a bunch of cider beer. It works every time.

Dear Ronda: Would you ever date a pacifist?

Andrew, 33, Burlington, Vt.

Yeah, but it would depend on how extreme they were about it. I’m a very anti-war person myself. But if it’s to the extent that you won’t even play Mortal Kombat, that’s a little too much for me.

Dear Ronda: My girlfriend thinks it’s weird that I like to go bird  hunting. She doesn’t even care that I eat the meat!   Have you ever tried hunting yourself?

Dale, Denver, Colo.

I’ve never hunted anything myself but I used to go hunting with my dad a lot when I was a kid. We had hunting dogs and we’d go out and hunt quail. I just really haven’t had the opportunity yet, but I wouldn’t be against taking emotional responsibility for my food at some point.