Ronda Rousey Is Officially Out of Action Thanks to Holly Holm’s Epic Beatdown

This is what happens when you take “a hammer to the head.”

Former UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey might be out of the octogon for up to six months due to a medical suspension handed down by the UFC in the aftermath of her defeat at the hands (or feet, rather) of Holly Holm.

At a minimum, Rousey’s second round knockout by Holm will result in a 45 days away from contact and 60 days away from the ring. She’ll remain suspended for as many as 180 days unless she’s cleared by a CT scan.

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The move reflects concern on the UFC’s part for Rousey after her head took a serious beating in during her highly-anticipated UFC 193 fight. Though Rousey’s representatives claim she escaped Holm’s beatdown without a concussion, anyone who watched the final seconds of the fight might be skeptical of the claim. Take Dr. Rick Weinstein, an orthopedic specialist and ringside physician who told Austrailia’s News that the final blow Rousey received was akin to “a car accident or a hammer to the head.”

What’s not in dispute is the damage Holm did to Rousey’s face. The former UFC champ was forced to undergo minor plastic surgery to fix her lip, although UFC head Dana White said on Joe Rogan’s podcast that the lip is the only physical issue she’s facing in the aftermath in the fight. He added that he expects Rousey to fully recover and return to the octagon as a “savage.”

“She was a maniac and a hard worker when she was the best in the world.” he said. “What’s she going to be like now that she lost?”

Photos by Pat Scala / Zuffa LLC / Getty Images