Ronda Rousey Has a Message for All the Haters Out There

Ronda’s feeling rowdy.


Ronda Rousey has endured haters for as long as she’s had fans. That’s how fame works. Whether they’re calling her overrated or overexposed, her detractors had it out for Rousey even when she was the most dangerous woman in the UFC. But ever since she was demolished out by Holly Holm at UFC 193, the haters have multiplied — or at least, gotten louder.

In recent days, it’s been raining haterade on Rousey (calling off a fight so you can pretend to be Patrick Swayze will do that), and even her biggest fans — that would be us — have wondered if she’s not being disingenuous when she says she’ll fight “sometime later in the year.”

On Monday, Rousey swatted down rumors of her retirement and asserted that she would step into the Octagon with Holm once more. But as for the rest of those haters, she had an extra strong message:

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Boom. As far as life-affirming inspirational quotes go, that’s a decent one. With a little censorship and a picture of cat, we could see it posted on the wall of every fourth grade classroom in America.