Ronda Rousey Takes a Swing at the UFC’s ‘Cruel’ Marijuana Rules

The most famous name in the UFC doesn’t even think fighters should be tested for marijuana. 

Maxim favorite Ronda Rousey has made no secret of her disdain for the way UFC figher Nick Diaz’s drug case has played out. Last month, the welterweight fighter was suspended for five years by the Nevada State Athletic Commission after a third positive test for marijuana.

Rousey spoke out against the punishment just days after the NSAC whacked Diaz. She revisited it again earlier this week in an interview with USA Today and her anger hasn’t subsided. 

“Say you got a parking ticket and you didn’t pay for it and you got another one and didn’t pay for it,” she told the paper. “No matter how many tickets you got you never deserve life in prison. They are pretty much trying to keep him from fighting ever again. I think that punishment is cruel.”

While a five year ban isn’t a lifetime ban, it would practically end Diaz’s career. If the ban stands he wouldn’t be able to return to fighting until 2020 and a 37-year-old fighter coming back from a five year forced sabbatical would be a long shot for success. 

There remains some hope for Diaz though. Fighting in other states is one option, and the repeal of the “arbitrary and capricious” ban is always possible. Indeed, earlier this week Diaz and the NASC both confirmed that they’re working on a settlement, a tacit admission by the commission that it may have overreached with the initial punishment. 

If Rousey had it her way, there would be no marijuana testing at all. As she told USA Today, “It has nothing to do with sports. They keep saying it is for the safety of the fighter, so why aren’t they testing us to make sure we are not drunk?”

Rousey deserves credit for supporting fair drug standards that actually make sense, but she might not be saying this sorely for Diaz’s benefit. There’s reason to believe she’d like to partake a bit herself.

Photos by Bret Hartman / Getty Images