Even in a Pickachu Costume, Ronda Rousey Kicks Ass

Our MMA dream girl strikes again. 

For anyone out there still scratching their head at Ronda Rousey’s ever-growing popularity, may we point you in the direction of a video that goes a long way toward explaining it? Please watch:


So yeah, that’s Rousey training in a Pikachu body suit. It was filmed as a part of her one-night stint as a Sportscenter co-host and it’s a helpful illustration of all there is to love about this woman. 

First, she’s a total beast. Anyone who can train like that while wearing a ridiculously hot mascot uniform is worthy of our admiration. Ask most dudes to do what she did while wearing what she’s wearing and they’d pass out before their first pull-up.

Second, she’s kind of nerdy. So relatable, right? And with Rousey it’s not an act. She really does love Pokeman. Hell, she moderated a Pokemon forum when she was a teenager. 

And third, she’s a complete entertainer. Can you imagine any other fighter dressing up like a Japanese cartoon character for a national TV spot a month before a fight? It doesn’t really fit with the whole “smash your face in” persona most of them are cultivating. But Rousey isn’t just a vicious fighter, she’s the consummate showman. If you can’t see that by now you have our sympathy.