Ronda Rousey to Star in a Remake of ‘Road House’

“Pain don’t hurt,” she’ll probably say. 

The original Road House, which came out in 1989, helped redefine the modern American action hero. Unlike Stallone and Schwarzenegger, Patrick Swayze had thoughts and feelings as well as bulging pecs, qualities that added a layer of subtlety to the action flick. Dalton, his mercenary bouncer character, even had a philosophy degree from NYU and a romantic streak.

Now, an updated version of the classic will once again redefine the action hero, this time as a woman: Ronda Rousey has signed on to star in a remake. It’s the fourth film project on the horizon for the MMA champ. She’s starring as herself in a biopic, alongside Mark Wahlberg in Mile 22 and in the film adaptation of The Athena Project, which is about  an all-female team of special forces.

The Road House remake will be greeted with sneers by those who love the original, present company included. But it’s worth noting that Rousey has sufficient respect for the original film. She reportedly reached out to Swayze’s widow to ask for her blessing. And really, Rousey is perfect for the role, if only because she’s the living embodiment of the film’s most iconic and dumbest line:

Photos by Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage