Ronda Rousey Says Her Legendary 34-Second Fight Could Have Been Even Shorter

The fighter showed some major skin during her Tonight Show appearance. 

They say crime in America is the lowest it’s been since All in the Family was a primetime hit, that ordinary American’s are safer now than they’ve been in decades. And so you’d think an extraordinary American like Ronda Rousey, famous for her ability to kick the living shit out of people, would be doubly safe from crime. Not so.

When Rousey appeared on The Tonight Show Tuesday evening, she came bearing proof that she’s no more immune from common criminals than anyone else: Someone had stolen the front of her dress! How else to explain the missing panel exposing the sides of her breasts and her base midriff?

Not that it matters: Rousey made a point of reminding the world just how much of a ass-kicking machine she is, asserting to Jimmy Fallon that her legendary 34-second defeat of Bethe Correia could’ve been even shorter — but Rousey wanted to “take her time” with her prey.

“It was longer than the last two [fights] combined,” Rousey said. “She went to the ground, I didn’t go to the ground. She tried to close the distance, and I could have thrown her. I was like, ‘No, you’re getting knocked out tonight.’”

Remind us to never try to steal the front of Rousey’s dress. Ever.

Photos by Theo Wargo / NBC