Ronda Rousey’s Post-Fight Ritual Will Make You Love Her Even More

And no, it’s not just sex.

Want another reason to love the already loveable Ronda Rousey? Chew on this: she loves buffalo wings way more than you do.

In an enticing new interview with Fortune by Daniel B. Roberts, we learn the beloved fighter is such a wing freak, whenever she fights in a new city she makes one of her people scout out the chicken wing scene. Then, after she destroys some unworthy opponent, she destroy a plateful of wings. As she recently told Fortune, it’s her tradition, just like sex before fights, and when it goes wrong, she gets sad.

“I had a situation once where the buffalo wing situation was not scouted, and I’m not going to lie, I cried that night,” she told Fortune. “Because they were breaded and boneless and it made me so sad. I defended my world title and yet I was crying about wings that night. I’m such a baby.”

She’s ashamed, but she shouldn’t be. Bad wings are a travesty. It should be noted however that what Rousey is describing are not bad wings. They’re not even wings at all. Breaded and boneless “wings” are nuggets, and anyone arguing otherwise is a five year old who should stick to Happy Meals.

This is the correct opinion and it’s Rousey’s opinion. Here’s a quote from a TMZ video in which she talks about wings: “It has to be naked. It has to have bones in it.”

There you have it. On the record. Ronda Rousey likes it naked with bones in it. What a woman.

Photos by Matt Sayles / AP